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Tplink Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera SPEC: 3MP, 2.4 GHz, 2T2R, 2 × External Antennas


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Tplink Outdoor Security Wi-Fi CameraSPEC: 3MP, 2.4 GHz, 2T2R, 2 × External Antennas, 1 × Ethernet Po rt FEATURE: Motion Detection and Notifications, Sound and Light Alarm, Remote Control,Two-Way Audio, Sharing to Social Medias, Voice Control (Works with Google Assistant and Alexa), Local Storage throu gh microSD Card (Up to 128 GB), Tapo App, Night Vision (Up to 30 m), Weatherproof (IP66), Frustratio n-Free Setup (FFS)
  • Marque                                           TPLINK
  • Usage                                              Externe
  • Technologie                                   IP
  • Indice Protection                          IP66
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